Ben Stiller In Tower Heist

August 25, 2010
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Director Brett Ratner has cast funnyman Ben Stiller in Tower Heist! And this flick looks pretty comical. Get the details her and check out Ben Stiller videos and photos after the jump.

Ben Stiller 1

After years on hold it looks like Rush Hour 3 director Brett Ratner is back in business with a new comedy underway titled Tower Heist. His leading man for the job- Ben Stiller!

Ben Stiller in Tower Heist should be good ,as it follows the Meet the parents star as an overworked and underpaid luxury apartment manager who is out for revenge against a Wall Street Huckster who is now under house arrest in a luxury apartment.

With the help of his staff, Stiller’s on screen alter ego will plot a scheme in hopes of pulling off a heist. We al know though that however this may end, its going be full of laughs!

Here’s what director Brett Ratner had to say about the script to Deadline:

“It has become the quintessential New York heist movie, where a bunch of blue collar employees in a tower building pull off the ultimate heist. I brought the script to Ben on the Little Fockers set, and said this is perfect for you. He was looking at other projects like Mr. Popper’s Penguins, I asked Noah Baumbach to do some specific character work for Ben. Then my Rush Hour guy Jeff Nathanson brought it home. The major difference from the Ocean’s films is those guys were expert thieves. These are real guys whose talent is they know the inner workings of the building and the people in it. It took a long time for this to come together, but it was totally worth the wait. This has a lot of heart to go along with the humour.”

Details on a release date have yet to be divulged or the complete cast list. Filming will kick off in November. We’ll keep you posted as the project still comes together. In the meantime, we want to hear from you movie buffs! Do you predict that Ben Stiller in Tower Hest will be a must see or what?!

Stiller is also lined up for a dozen other movie roles in the coming year. First he will appear in Meet the Parents third installment titled Little Fockers. Up next you can see Stiller star in Help Me Spread Goodness and The Hardy Men.

See videos and photos below of Ben Stiller.

Ben Stiller 4 Ben Stiller 2 Ben Stiller 3

Credit: Pat Denton/WENN.COM

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