Best Actors Without An Oscar

June 15, 2008
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Who are some of the best actors to never have won an Oscar? I tried to think of some actors who I was unsure of whether they received an Oscar or not.

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First, here are some who came to mind and did win at least one:

Robert Deniro has two for Raging Bull and The Godfather II; Al Pacino won his first for Scent of a Woman; Susan Sarandon has won it for Dead Man Walking and her costar in that film, Sean Penn, has got one for his role in Mystic River.

Now here are some names who you might expect to have an Oscar on their mantle, but don’t:

Johnny Depp: Nominated for Sweeney Todd, Finding Neverland, and Pirates of the Caribbean. One glaring omission in my opinion is Edward Scissorhands. Without that movie there is no Johnny Depp film career, and he was fantastic in that movie.

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Tom Cruise: Nominated for Magnolia, Jerry Maguire, and Born on the Fourth of July. But what about A Few Good Men?

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Matt Damon: Nominated for Good Will Hunting, for which he won as a screenwriter. But what about The Departed and even The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Michelle Pfeiffer: Nominated for Dangerous Liaisons, The Fabulous Baker Boys, and Love Field (never heard of it). Even though I really liked her in White Oleander, Michelle Pfeiffer feels like yesterday’s news.

Clint Eastwood: Nominated for Million Dollar Baby (won for directing) and Unforgiven.

Michael Rapaport: Lighten up, that’s a joke.

Peter O’toole: No actor has been nominated for more Oscars (8) without winning one. The first film that got him a nod was Lawrence of Arabia in 1963 and his last one was for Venus in 2007. I wish O’Toole the best of luck and hopefully he will still have another opportunity.

Of course, if any of the talented actors above need some tips, they could always ask Marissa Tomei who has won an Oscar for her role in My Cousin Vinny – no seriously.

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Imagine having to say, “yes, I was nominated for an Oscar, but lost to the woman from My Cousin Vinny.” Speachless.

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