Blitz Movie Trailer (Video)

November 1, 2010
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The action packed Blitz Movie Trailer Video featuring Jason Statham has been released. Check out the trailer here and get Blitz movie details. Plus check out videos and photos of Jason Statham on set.

Jason Statham 1

Director Elliott Lester, who helmed the 2006 flick Love Is A Drug, has released the new Blitz movie trailer video in anticipation of its 2011 release. The crime drama stars the likes of Transporter star Jason Statham as a “tough cop” who is on the hunt for a serial killer who has been taking out his own.

The trailer showcases Statham back in the familiar role of a typical bad **s, one he is good at, fighting who ever steps in his path. Also on board the Blitz movie trailer are actors Luke Evan, David Morrissey, Aidan Gillen, Paddy Considine, Richard Riddell, Chris Wilson, Nicky Henson, and actress Elly Fairman.

Blitz was adapted from the novel of author Ken Bruen with the screen play penned by Nathan Parker. Here’s the official Blitz movie synopsis per GeekTyrant.Com:

“They’re after a cop killer called Blitz who uses a hammer to perpetrate his misdeeds as he attempts to kill officers all over the city. The characters inhabit a dirty, violent London and have their share of regrets; as the story opens Statham’s character Brant is dealing with the repercussions from his assault on a precinct psychologist.”

Get more on the 2011 flick Blitz from director Elliott Lester here and see the movie poster. Check out the trailer for yourself below and tell us what you think? Does Statham look good in the role of a crazy cop? Will you be checking out Blitz when it opens in theaters? Let us know below.

Watch the Blitz Movie Trailer Video below with Jason Statham photos and the set video.

Jason Statham 2Jason Statham 3Jason Statham 4
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Credit: DJDM/Mr. Blue/Anthony Dixon/WENN.COM

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