Charlize Theron As Catwoman

September 29, 2009
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Actress Charlize Theron is said to be in talks to star as Catwoman. Find out what Theron had to say with details on the story here!

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Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron has squashed the rumors surrounding her possible role as Catwoman. Word that Theron was set for the part recently hit the web and now we find out Charlize had no idea! After a source got wind and asked Theron in an interview the actress replied:

“Its news to me, but that’s kick a** news. I think that what has happened to the franchise is amazing, and director Chris Nolan is a genius. So I would be an idiot not to consider that.”

I guess if Chris Nolan does pen a new Batman movie we know who’s up for the part! Other actresses rumored to play Catwoman are Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Rhona Mitra and Rachel Weisz.

It will be one long wait without a script written! Some are saying a Dark Knight sequel couldn’t possibly surface until around 2012! In the meantime you can always check out Nolan’s upcoming movie entitled Inception.

Don’t hold back and tell us what you think? What actress would you like to see decked out in the Catwoman suit?

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