Dane DeHaan: True Blood Actor (Videos, Photos)

December 18, 2010
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Meet Dane DeHaan, who has just joined the ranks of Sookie Stackhouse, and the crew, of Allan Ball’s vampire drama, making him the latest True Blood actor to join season 4. DeHaan will play the role of Timbo. Get all the details here on his stint in the HBO series, and see videos and photos of Dane DeHaan below.

Dane Dehaan 1

Twenty-three year old actor Dane has signed on to star in True Blood’s newest season. DeHaan, of In Treatment, is set to play the role of Timbo, a teenager of Hot Shot who Jason helps out. With so many fresh faces being added to the series line-up, its hard to keep track! It should be one interesting season.

And Dehaan wasn’t the only one! Also added to True Blood, in a recent announcement, was actress Rebecca Wisocky, who you may recognize from 90210.

Although Dane’s new role in the series is exciting, it has struck a chord with True Blood fans who are wondering just how Allan Ball will divvy up precious screen time amongst such a large clan? What do you think?

For more on season 4, MTV has the scoop here. You can also get more on the newest True Blood actor below with additional photos here!

As a biography DeHaan was born in 1987, his exact date of birth is unknown. The twenty-three year old blue eyed True Blood actor is most notable for his role in the TV series ‘In Treatment’ where he plays the role of Jesse, a gay teen. (Read a recent interview here)

Also part of the flick Jack and Diane that will open in theaters this coming new year, DeHaan has starred in several TV movies, short films, and television. To date Dane’s resumes brags roles in the 2010 movie Amigo, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, 2005’s short Woodrow Wilson and the 2010 feature At Risk. DeHaan has also appeared in the TV movie The Front in the role of Cal Tradd and A.K.A: It’s a Wiley World.

Tell us what you think fans? Are you excited about Dane climbing aboard the full cast of True Blood? Let us know below!

Check out videos and photos of Dane DeHaan, the newest True Blood actor, below.

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