Darla Delgado: Crazy On The Outside Actress

January 21, 2010
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Darla Delgado is starring in the Tim Allen directed comedy entitled ‘Crazy on the Outside’. Get details on Delgado below with details on the movie. Video to follow.

Crazy On The Outside Actress, Darla Delgado, is part of the cast in Tim Allen’s directorial debut. The girlfriend of Nathan Fillion also has several other new movie roles on the way.


Per WEAREMOVIEGEEKS.COM Crazy on the Outside is a..

“story about Tommy Zelda (Tim Allen). Tommy is a guy just released from doing three years in prison for video piracy. Upon release, Tommy is thrown back into life on the outside, living with his deceptively loving sister Vicky (Sigourney Weaver) and her horny husband Ed (J.K. Simmons) who doesn’t like Tommy.”

As a biography Darla Delgado, Crazy on the Outside actress, was born on the 21st of February in the year 1969. Delgado is a Tampa, Florida native who stands at 5’6″. She has been acting professionally since the earlier half of 2000.

Darla Delgado’s acting credits to date in both television and the movies include the 2004 flick The Punisher. Delgado played a member of the Castle Family. The role was unaccredited. Moving forward she appeared in the movie ‘Contact’, From Beyond as Megan Aker, before being cast in Grub as Angel.

In 2006 the actress took roles in Descansos as a Dream Women. She also has been cast in one episode of South Beach, Dark Dimensions as an FBI Agent by the name of Gabrielle Hanson and The Unlikely’s.

In 2007, Diane played the part of Marie in the thriller ‘The Woods Have Eyes’. She has also been seen in Adventure Scouts, Best and Waste of Space. This year you can check out Delgado in Crazy on the Outside and Immortal Island as Haden. Both movies are due out in 2010.

See video of Diane Delgado, Crazy on the Outside actress, below.


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