Emily Meade: Boardwalk Empire Actress

October 8, 2010
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Meet Emily Meade, Boardwalk Empire actress, who will be starring in the HBO series as the guest star Pearl, and the brunette who shared a sexy scene with 50 Cent in Twelve! Get more here on Meade and her other upcoming roles with videos and photos of the actress below.

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As the Sinbinblog has stated “Emily Meade is about to explode,” and with this I agree! Meade is who you want to look for and it won’t be hard. The Boardwalk Empire actress has landed quite a few roles, and in flicks that should drop her right into the mainstream. Not only is she a part of Boardwalk Empire as the character Pearl in a two episode arc, Meade is also on board Wes Craven’s My Soul to Take, as well Silver Tongues and Sin Bin.

Now out in theaters, Meade plays the role of Fang in Craven’s My Soul To Take that tells the horror tale of a “serial killer who returns to his hometown to stalk seven children who share the same birthday as the date he was allegedly put to rest.”

When it comes to Meade’s role in the twisted thriller Silver Tongues, the actress is set to appear as Rachel. In Sin Bin, alongside Ben McKenzie of OC fame, Meade will play Michael Seater’s love interest. Both film’s release dates have yet to be announced. In the meantime get more on where you’ve seen Emily before.

As a biography Emily Meade, Boardwalk Empire actress, has been acting since 2006. Meade’s exact date of birth is not known, we’re guessing the actress is in her late teens, early twenties. Starring in both movies and television over the years, Emily made her debut in the film The House is Burning.

Over the last four years you may have seen the dark haired actress in a guest appearance on the criminal drama Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and the movie Assasination of a High School President. More recently you may have spotted her in the TV movie ‘Back’ with a scheduled appearance in the upcoming short film ‘I Will Follow You into the Dark and Twelve, where Meade joins Chace Crawford and Rory Culkin in the role of Jessica Brayson. Read about her scene with rapper 50 cent here and check her out in the video clips below and tell us what you think?

See videos and photos of Emily Meade, Boardwalk Empire Actress below.

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