Fright Night Movie Photos

September 3, 2010
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The 2010 Fright Night movie photos have been released. Starring Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and Toni Collette, check out the photos here with videos and pics of the cast after the jump.

Colin Farrell 1Toni Collette 1Anton Yelchin 2

The Fright Night movie photos have been released for fans to catch a glimpse of the Craig Gillespie’s horror remake of the boy, Charlie Brewster, who suspects his neighbor, in the quiet suburbs where he lives, is a blood thirsty vampire!

Enlisting the help of Peter Vincent, “who hosts Charlie’s favorite TV show Fright Night”, the duo start their own investigation. A revamp of the 1985 original, featured in the flick aside from Farrell, Collette and Yelchin, is an up and coming actress Imogene Poots, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and David Tennant.

With a screen play written by Tom Holland and Marti Noxon, here’s what talented writer Noxon had to say this past summer to Collider about Fright Night:

“They were talking about revamping the movie and, um, and I got really excited. I loved the original, um, really had fond memories of it as being a, a movie that was really character based and had a lot of humor as opposed to just being a straight gore-fest, um, and scary.

“Like, in, in this movie, the vampire is, uh, his beauty and his charm are all there to draw in. It’s just part of his predator package. But he’s not emotional. You know, he doesn’t have an inner life. (laughs) You know. Other than to friggin’ kill stuff.”

Get a look at the 2010 Fright Night Movie Photos here and let us know what you think about David Tennant as Peter Vincent? I know I’ll be checking it out!

Watch videos of the original Fright Night below and see cast pics below of Colin Ferrell, Anton Yelchin and Toni Collette.

Colin Farrell 2Anton Yelchin 1Toni Collette 1 2
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Credit: Ivan Nikolov/FayesVision/Apega/Nikki Nelson/WENN.COM


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