Genevieve Cortese Returns to Supernatural

January 8, 2011
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Jared Padalecki’s wife Genevieve Cortese is returning to Supernatural. Get the details of Cortese’s appearance in the upcoming February episode of season 6, entitled The French Mistake, as she returns in an alternate meta universe. Plus see videos and photos after the jump.

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Supernatural star Jared Padalecki’s real life wife, Genevieve Cortese, has signed on to return to the CW fan favorite series this coming year. Cortese, who previously played the role of the conniving demon Ruby – yes the one that ultimately tricked Sam, kicking the apocalypse into full gear, is said to be make a return from the dead, so to speak.

The episode where Cortese will return to Supernatural is set to air sometime in the earlier part of March and features the Winchester Boys in an alternate universe. A universe where they will actually play their hot selves, Padalecki and Ackles, who are actors on a TV series called…Supernatural! From what we gather Genevieve Cortese will return to the show as herself.

Unfortunately Jensen Ackles’ wife, Danneel Harris, won’t be making a guest appearance in the series since she is tied up with her new show Friends with Benefits.

Supernatural returns January 28th 2011, and will pick back up again with Sam just recently in possession of his soul and Heaven in disarray with a disappointed Castiel.

Cortese’s resume includes Wildfire, Flashforward and Life is Short. The brunette beauty has also appeared in Stephen King’s Dead Zone and Death Valley.

Tell us what you think Supernatural fans? Are you excited about Cortese’s return to the CW series alongside her husband Jared? Leave us your thoughts below.

See more photos of the Supernatural stars with videos of Genevieve below.

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Click to enlarge photos of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki


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6 Responses to “Genevieve Cortese Returns to Supernatural”

  1. 1
    Kate Says:

    Out of all the characters to bring back, why her? She’s not that good of an actress.

  2. 2
    char Says:

    I totally agree with the first comment…why would they even bring her back in this season 6? Just putting it out there but, sadly enough jared picked a poor choice in “wife” on the other hand jensen? He most definately has good taste in women. I don’t know why they didn’t keep the first girl playing as ruby? Uhg…im looking forward to them coming back but, just not this geneive wifey girl.

  3. 3
    PoopBear Says:

    She isn’t a great actress, but she’s the main character’s real wife and was already on the show, so I guess that’s why they chose her. Must’ve been nice to have that advantage over any other actress that has been on the show.

  4. 4
    shaquonna Says:

    she,s a great actress but really she is coming back.gen does come back bring her as good ruby.They should bring danneel on the show or anna.I hope she comes back good because on season 4 she messed with sam head.

  5. 5
    nitwit Says:

    The only reason she got the job in the first place was because they couldn’t afford to keep Katie Cassidy in the role.
    Gen is a horrible actress and has a single facial expression the entire time she’s on screen.
    I’d rather see Bela brought back over Ruby!

  6. 6
    Evelina Says:

    I think she should stay home cleaning potatoes!!!!!!!!