Hailee Steinfeld Cast In ‘Forgotten’

February 24, 2011
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Actress Hailee Steinfeld of True Grit fame has been cast in the upcoming flick ‘Forgotten’. Get the details on Steinfeld’s new movie role following her break out appearance in the western with videos and photos of the star after the fold.

Hailee Steinfeld

Fourteen year old Hailee Steinfeld who made her mark on Hollywood after appearing in the Coen Brothers flick true Grit as the young Mattie Ross has landed her second movie role. Cast in Forgotten, Steinfeld will play the lead role of London Lane.

Lane is a young girl who lives a strange lifestyle! Losing her memory everyday, London sees the future and must depend on help from a friend and notes to make it through the remaining hours. Of course even stranger happenings start to take place, and if things couldn’t get any more complicated London begins to develop feelings for a boy named Luke Henry.

Adapted for the big screen, Forgotten comes from the soon to be released novel by the same name form writer Cat Patrick novel that will hit shelves June 14th 2011. Talking about the book, Patrick’s describes the page turner as:

“Part psychological thriller and part romance, ‘Forgotten’ is for every reader who enjoys pondering life’s great ‘what-if’ questions.”

So far Hailee is the only one to be cast in the forthcoming flick that sounds a little like 50 First Dates meets The Time Traveler’s Wife. Who will play her love interest and friend that helps her through her dark ‘Forgotten’ hours? We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime tell us what you think of the True Grit stars new movie role? Also nominated for an Oscar, it looks like Steinfeld has one promising career in the cards!

See videos and photos of actress Hailee Steinfeld below.

Hailee Steinfeld 1 1 2Hailee Steinfeld 2 1 2Hailee Steinfeld 3 1 2Hailee Steinfeld 4 1Hailee Steinfeld 5
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Photos: www.wenn.com
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