Hounddog Explicit Scene Controversy (Video)

September 28, 2008
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“Hounddog,” starring 14-year-old Dakota Fanning is fueling angry protests. National campaigns against this movie are dubbing it “child porn.” More photos and video below.

Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning “Hounddog”

A box office boycott of this film has been called due to the sexually explicit scene involving an under age girl. Ted Baehr, the founder of the movie review company, Movieguide, believes theses kind of movies are damaging to the child actresses filming these scenes, as well as the public at large. Family and women’s groups have been especially active in North Carolina, where “Hounddog” was filmed.

‘Hounddog” is a low-budget Southern-gothic tale set in 1959 about a 12-year-old motherless girl obsessed with Elvis Presley who seductively sings for a teenager in exchange for tickets to a concert of the King’s. In the movie Dakota Fanning’s character is the victim in a disturbing rape scene. The controversial scene is shot mostly in the dark with only flashes of lightning illuminating Fanning’s face as she screams.

Writer-director Deborah Kampmeier was nearly run out of last year’s Sundance Film Festival after critics reactions to the film, but Kampmeier vehemently defends the character Fanning plays. She also says the version shown at Sundance 2007 was rushed through editing to get a version finished in time to be screened and refused to let the experience discourage her.

“She is simply and innocently experiencing and relishing the aliveness of her being, the life force pulsing through her body, celebrating the power and creative force of her sexuality that is her birthright.” – Kampmeier

Eighteen months later the movie is now in theaters and in Kampmeier’s words, “is about taking that which can poison you and turning it into something that is good.”

Child pornography or simply a scene to enhance the art of a film? You be the judge.

More photos and video of “Hounddog” movie trailer below

Dakota FanningRobin Wright PennDeborah Kampmeier
Hounddog Pictures

“Hounddog” Trailer Video

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One Response to “Hounddog Explicit Scene Controversy (Video)”

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    Curious Says:

    I would like to see the film before it was edited. That way we could see original idea. Where can we get DVD with all the edits cut out? That would be great.