Inception Movie Reviews

July 6, 2010
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Early Inception Movie Reviews are in! The Christopher Nolan directed thriller is set to open this week. Find out what critics are saying when it comes to Inception featuring actor Leonardo Dicaprio and actress Ellen Page. Movie Trailer videos and photos to follow!

Inception 1

You’ve seen promos all over the place, posters, trailers, pics and more, and now after being bombarded by it all – Inception movie reviews are in with the promise that this could be the movie of the year! Now just days away from making its debut at the box office on July 16th, find out what movie goers and critics think about Inception, the movie where “technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a single idea within one’s mind can be the most dangerous weapon or the most valuable asset!”

Inception Movie Reviews are looking fairly promising. Here’s’s take on the sci-fi where they cited the bad and good aspects of Nolan’s pic:

“In a great many ways, “Inception” is an exceptional film. It boasts a larger than life cast, a virtually unrestricted budget and a director at the top of his game both commercially and artistically. Action scenes feature mountain ski chases, zero-gravity fights and flawless special effect dreamscapes. So how is it that “Inception” comes together as such a bore? Inception’s problems stem completely from the screenplay. While we’re meant to believe that the world Nolan has created is of the utmost complexity, it is nowhere near the level that the exposition affords it. “Inception” is a monstrous, all-consuming exposition that seems to devour character and emotion to the point that, on the whole, the film feels like the origin story for a much more interesting tale. That is, the dream-espionage set-up is wonderfully original and clearly well-researched, but far too much time is spent establishing the rules of the world and far too little twisting those rules into anything other than face value.”

The best review came by far via Huffington Post:

“Inception is the most original, visually stunning and intellectually stimulating film to come across the screen in years. Filled with suspense, action and drama, filmmaker Christopher Nolan continues to top himself, proving over and over again that he is the ultimate auteur of his 30something peer group.”

The HPost also encouraged viewers to watch the flick a couple of times – “No doubt there is more to learn from, to understand and to notice upon multiple viewings. Inception is clearly Nolan’s vision and Nolan’s dream. We, as viewers, are all just simply visiting it.” Opinions all over the net are buzzing with high approval, some felt that Inception is this year’s Dark Knight!

Rope of Silicon also gave th flick an A+

“Christopher Nolan has managed to bring a challenging blockbuster of epic size and scope to the big screen and he deserves it with the $1+ billion he earned Warner Bros. after The Dark Knight. Considering the production budget on this one it may come at a loss for the studio, but if such gems as this are the “thank you” from a studio to a talented filmmaker, I’m happy the gesture was made and as an audience member I gladly accept.”

Hard pressed to find one bad review, here’s one more A+ for the soon to be box office hit via

“With Inception, Nolan has made his equivalent to The Big Sleep (ironic given the subject matter of Nolan’s film), a thriller whose near indecipherable storyline will boggle minds for decades to come — or even his 2001, a genre opus guaranteed to confound or amaze viewers. Or is it Nolan’s finally realized attempt at making a James Bond film? Or a heist thriller to rival Heat? A better version of Dreamscape? Inception is all of the above, and yet it’s also a singular accomplishment from a filmmaker who has only gotten better with each film. Indeed, Inception could very well be Nolan’s masterpiece.”

Tell us what you think? Have you seen the flick, do you believe all the hype surrounding the early Inception Movie Reviews? Give us your thoughts below.

See videos and photos of the movie and its star Leonardo Dicaprio below.

Leonardo Dicaprio 1Inception 2Leonardo Dicaprio 2

Credit: Andres Otero/PNP/RHS/WENN.COM


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    DD Says:

    After all these years, I am still in love with Leo. *sigh*

  2. 2
    Love Sayings Says:

    Really really good movie! It’s beyond extraordinary. Di Caprio did it good!