Insidious Movie Trailer (Video)

September 18, 2010
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A new clip from Director James Wan’s horror flick Insidious with Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne has hit the web! Said to be something fans have yet to see in a horror film, watch the Insidious Movie Trailer Video below and check out videos and photos of the cast after the jump.

Patrick Wilson 1Rose Byrne 1

Toronto Film Fest goers who got to check out an early screening of Director James Wan’s Insidious have been raving about the horror master’s latest project! Said to be unique and original, with lots of laughs strategically placed in all the right places, the Insidious movie trailer video is getting a lot of play among fans across the web!

First off, the plot per actress Rose Byrne:

“Patrick Wilson and I play a married couple and we have 3 children and there starts to be some strange incidents in our house. My character’s mentally kind of fragile and you’re never quite sure if it’s in her head or if it’s really happening. It’s really clever. It plays out like a domestic drama and it just descends into complete eeriness. It becomes kind of supernatural.”

Ya, Ya, it sounds like your usual run of the mill plot we’ve seen before with the haunted house and the family that never actually moves, but Wan’s new horror flick holds something with a twist. Something that is of original thought and adds to the horror genre like we’ve never seen before. Plus with a cast like Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Barbara Hershey and the freaky Insidious Movie Trailer Video, I’m in. Now all we have to wait for is a release date for the supernatural thriller. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime hit play below and tell us what you think of Wan’s latest movie?

See the Insidious movie trailer video below and see photos of Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne.

Patrick Wilson 2Rose Byrne 2
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Credit: Adriana M Barazza/Apega/WENN.COM

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