Jason Mewes Is The Science Of Cool

April 6, 2009
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Jason Mewes has signed on to “The Science of Cool” an upcoming movie which he will star opposite to Mischa Barton. Learn more about the film, plus see pictures and video here.

The Science of Cool

“The Science of Cool” Star Jason Mewes

Eric Goren, screenwriter of upcoming film “The Science of Cool” revealed to Cinemablend.com that Jason Mewes has signed on to star opposite of Mischa Barton (the object of desire, Jane). The movie tells a tale of two nerds that come across a formula that makes them cool.

Goren commented on Mewes role saying,

“Jason will be playing the role of Coach Cambria, the obnoxious gym teacher who torments the nerdy leads Neil and Gilbert. We also have Mischa Barton on board to play the leading female role of Jane, who is a very plain and ordinary girl until she ends up as part of the science experiment that Neil and Gilbert concoct.”

Here’s the rundown for “The Science of Cool”:

A high school science experiment goes unexpectedly wrong… or was it right? The school nerds’ lives change beyond their wildest dreams.

Since Mewes departure from his character Jay to play more diverse roles such as “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” he has kept a demanding schedule. Including this project he has as many as eight movies in the works, with none involving Kevin Smith.

Check out my video after the jump, it doesn’t pertain to The Science of Cool as much as it does to the Cool Science, but it still is fun.

The Science of Cool 1The Science of Cool 1 1The Science of Cool 2
“The Science of Cool” Star Jason Mewes Pictures

“The Science of Cool” is Cool Science Video

Photos: Wenn.com


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