Jennifer Aniston Begins Directing Lifetime’s Project Five

April 17, 2011
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Actress Jennifer Aniston had kicked off filming on Lifetime’s Project Five. Aniston will help direct the project along with some big name peers in the industry. Get the scoop on the star’s new gig and more on the short film below the fold.

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Hollywood hottie Jennifer Aniston is proving that she isn’t just great in front of the camera, but now the former Friends actress is jumping into a new role on set. She’ll be directing a project for Lifetime entitled ‘Project Five’, the series of short films chronicles woman and breast cancer.

Seen in Los Angeles last week leaving the set, Aniston’s short film piece reportedly involves actress Patricia Clarkson (The Green Mile) as a cancer victim, with Jeannn Tripplehorn on board as an oncologist. Not much else is known about her piece. The other four segments will be directed by Alicia Keys, Patty Jenkins, and Demi Moore.

Lifetime’s Project Five is due to air this coming October and is being produced to “entertain, inform and inspire dialogue, research and prevention.” Speaking out about the series, Aniston recently shared what she hopes to accomplish in the director’s chair:

“We want these films to move people and empower those affected by breast cancer to stand tall through this challenge, which impacts all of our lives, no matter who we are.”

Aside from directing, the Smart Water spokesperson is working on Wanderlust, with her role in Horrible Bosses complete. In other news, the forty-two year old has been making headlines around the web with recent rumors flying about Bradley Cooper, and a possible rekindled love connection. After dating back in 2009, some sources are saying that the pair may be getting back together but nothing has been confirmed. At at the same time, Aniston has also made comments about not needing a man in her life and not being a huge fan when it comes to dating.

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