Johnny Knoxville In The Three Stooges & Casting News

March 11, 2011
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It looks like dare devil Johnny Knoxville’s wild antics has paid off! The jokester has 20th Century Fox eying him up for the role of Moe in The Three Stooges. Get the scoop here with more casting news surrounding your favorite actors below the fold.

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Tapping Jacka$$ star Johnny Knoxville to play one of the lead roles in The Three stooges should payoff for Bobby and Peter Farrelly, who are heading up the forthcoming laughter, set to revolve around the notoriously funny trio, Larry, Curley and Moe!

Since The Three Stooges isn’t exactly hip with the current generation, Knoxville’s presence in the film should help the flick appear to a younger audience. In other casting news, Cress Williams of Friday Night Lights has joined Rachel Bilson’s drama ‘Hart of Dixie’ set to air on the CW Network.

Meanwhile blonde beauty, and former My Boys actress, Jordana Spiro has found a new TV family. Spiro is headed to shine in a new lead role now that she has signed on to star in the pilot series Lost and Found.

Also making headlines this week when it comes to the latest casting is Julianne Moore. News has it that the redheaded Hollywood starlet is lined up to possibly portray Sarah Palin in the HBO production Game Change. Strange and surprising? Yes! We can’t wait to hear what you think about this one. Apparently Palin says she’ll be gritting her teeth, but thankfully, according to Palin – she’s just glad to provide job security! After that comment I think half the population will be gritting their teeth! Get more here.

Actress Jennifer Morrison, who plays Cameron on Hugh Laurie’s House, has been tapped to play the role of Anna in the upcoming movie Once Upon a Time. She joins Big Love beauty Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parilla.

With plenty of promising scripts making the rounds, we hear that writer Josh Zetumer will be putting pen to paper, writing the Robocop reboot! Zetumer joins the ranks of director Jose Padilha who is helming the project.

Meanwhile actor Thomas Dekker from The Sarah Connor Chronicles will join the CW show The Secret Circle. Adapted from the book series of L.J. Smith, Dekker will reportedly co-star as a member of a witch clan in the sci-fi series.

Actress Marisol Nichols of The Gates has inked a deal to appear on the ABC Network. Nichols joins the show entitled Good Christian Bit@hes! Now if that isn’t an attention grabber! The show will follow a mean girl who relocates back to her hometown after a terrible divorce. Think Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock.

That’s all we have for now, with more casting news on the way next week. Stick around and watch Johnny Knoxville below and tell us what you think of the actor as Moe! Leave your comments below.

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