Juliette Goglia: Easy A Actress

September 17, 2010
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Juliette Goglia, Easy A Actress, plays the role of Olive in Will Gluck’s comedy that opens this weekend and features the likes of Amanda Bynes and Emma Stone. Get more on where you’ve seen Goglia with videos and photos below.

Easy A

Juliette Goglia’s latest movie opens this weekend. Set to play the eighth grade Olive in Easy A, the fifteen year old Goglia has already appeared in a dozen roles and is the lead singer of the band Topanga.

As a biography Juliette Rose Goglia, Easy A actress, nicknamed “Ju” by her friends and family, was born on September 22nd of 1995. A California native, Goglia comes from a family of entertainers and artists, Juliette is believed to reside in Thousand Oaks. The petite 5 foot actress made her first debut in front of the camera as a guest star in the medical TV series Strong Medicine where she played the role of guest star Gaby Heely.

Landing several TV series and movie roles, Goglia has starred in Two and a Half Men, That’s So Raven, the medical series ER, Desperate Housewives, and the tv show Vanished. During 2003 through 2005 you may remember the actress as the character Little Girl God in the TV series Joan o Arcadia. She has also appeared in the WB series Veronica Mars starring Kristen Bell, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the tv show Washington Street, and Ugly Betty, where she played the role of the character Hillary.

Goglia on her favorite roles so far – “Ooh! That’s so hard! I have a few favorites. ;] I LOVED working on CSI, because I got an opportunity to play an evil little girl. This was so much fun for me, because my role was extremely intelligent, creepy, and deep. I liked layering all the levels of “Hannah West’s” life together, and being able to play such an interesting character. Plus, it was really fun after it aired. Everyone emailed me saying, “Uhh…Juliette-You kind of creeped me out on CSI…So…I’m not going to come over to your house for a while…Sorry..”

More recently the Easy A actress completed work on the 2010 production of The Quinn-tuplets, and the flick Inside Out, she has also been spotted in the Grey’s Anatomy spin off Private Practice, as well as Hannah Montana.

Check out videos of Juliette Goglia, Easy A actress, below with more pics of the red hair here.

Photos: www.wenn.com


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