K.C. Clyde: Once Fallen Actor

August 15, 2010
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Check out K.C. Clyde , Once Fallen actor, who will star in the Ash Adam’s directed crime drama as Johnny Stix. Get the details here with videos and photos after the jump.

Actor K.C. Clyde is really making the rounds this year! Clyde, who has appeared in dozens of roles to date in his career, is busy working on Ash Adams new movie Once Fallen. A crime drama starring not only Clyde but vetran actor Ed Harris, Dennis Hopper and Brian Presley.

The story follows a man who finally finds love and happiness after incarceration, but eventually gets sucked back in again and wrapped up with a violent crime family. The actor is also part of the Rachel Bilson movie Waiting For Forever, a Hollywood-set romantic tale of a guy who is content to live his life without a job yet with the love of his life, a young actress and A Christmas Story in the role of Joe Hopkins. Both are due out this year.

As a biography K.C. Clyde, Once Fallen Actor, was born on May 2nd in the year 1980. Clyde, a Salt lake City, Utah native, is twenty years old and sometimes goes by the name of Kasey Clyde. A child actor, K.C. first appeared in an uncredited role as Timmy in Little Heroes.

Since then the Once Fallen actor has appeared in dozens of roles both in film and television. Some of Clyde’s acting credits nclude The Legend of Wolf Mountain as Jessie, Wind Dancer, The Long Road Home, Crossing Jordan, Everwood and The Derby Stallion.

More recently K.C. has starred in The Dance as Cameron, Veronica Mars in the role of Deputy Gills, Heber Holiday, the movie Wild Srtallion as dallas brody an Chrstmas Angel, and Waiting For Forvere that has yet to be released.

See videos of K.C. Clyde, Once Fallen actor below.


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