Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn News

July 12, 2010
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We have Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn News! Read what the Twilight star had to say about the Saga’s last two installments here, the wedding and becoming a vampire. Videos and photos of Kristen Stewart to follow.

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Kristen Stewart has recently been in the news discussing Breaking Dawn details, specifiucally the scenes where Edward and Bella will be getting married! Now that Eclipse has finally debuted in theaters, fans are looking forward to the next installment in the sequal which is scheduled to be released on November 18th of 2011. Filming locations for Part I was announced today as well, taking place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Vancouver, Canada, the cast will be back on set this Fall!

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Now back to Kristen Stewart Breaking Dawn News……

When it came to Bella, Stewart’s on screen character, the actress spoke about tying the knot with Twilight’s Edward and what she would wear for the much anticipated event:

“Bella would want something classic, simple and beautiful – white or cream. She doesn’t want to get married but because it means so much to Edward she’s going to go ahead with it – she’s going to give him everything. It’s going to be a beautiful and monumental wedding because he wants that. Usually it’s the opposite. Usually the girl wants it. It’s cute.”

Fans are really thrilled for the Breaking Dawn debut, what with plenty of exciting scenes to be played on the big screen! Kristen’s transition to a vampire is definitely in the list of intense moments fans are dying to see. Her co-star Robert Pattinson shared his thoughts on her transformation on set:

“I know she’s going to be complaining so much about it, and I’m very much looking forward to not showing her any sympathy.”

After all Stewart was reportedly non-sympathetic to Pattinson’s uncomfortable wardrobe of wite make-up and contacts! Alright fans – let us know what you think about Kristen Stewart’s Breaking Dawn details? Leave us a comment below.

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    loverly lady Says:

    i think that all this talk is really great, but i think that people shoudl give up on making the fake trailers and wait for the real thing, i mean , to be honest they are all awful and have almost no relation to the actually storie.. *read 5 times…* and theyh shoudl just wait for the crew to send out the real one..