Lea Seydoux: Mission Impossible Actress

February 9, 2011
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Meet Lea Seydoux, an actress whose name may ring a bell, after all the buzz surrounding the beauty’s involvement in the future release of MI:4! Get the latest on Lea here and check out videos and photos after the jump.

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Mission Impossible 4 actress, Lea Seydoux, has just signed onto another new movie, quickly insuring her to be a household name. The Parisian performer will reportedly star alongside actress Diane Kruger in the French piece entitled Les Adieux a la reine. The flick follows the times of the French Revolution and will be directed by Benoit Jacquot.

Seydoux made headlines months ago after agreeing to star in the upcoming Mission Impossible, to be released this year. In the movie she will play a villain. Other than that, not much else is known about her character in the movie’s fourth installment. In the meantime, get more on Lea below and what else the actress has in the works!

As a biography Seydoux was born in Paris, France on the 1st of July in 1985. The twenty-six year old actress has starred in a long list of films and television roles since her start in the industry back in 2006.

Since then Seydoux has appeared in The Last Mistress in the role o Olivia, 2008’s On War, Mes Copines as Aurore, 2009’s Inglorious Basterds as the character Charlotte LaPadite, the movie Robin Hood, Mysteries of Lisbon, and Rose a credit. Aside from her recent casting in ‘Les Adieux a la reine’. Seydoux is also on board Midnight in Paris from director Woody Allen, the short film Time Doesn’t Stand Still, and the above mentioned role in 2011’s MI:4, to name a few.

See videos and photos of Lea Seydoux, the gorgeous Mission Impossible actress, after the jump and check her out in Maxim here.

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