Marion Cotillard is Public Enemies Movie

April 9, 2009
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Public Enemies is an upcoming action movie starring Marion Cotillard, which is based on a true story. The film also stars Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. Learn more about the film, plus read a Marion Cotillard biography, while checking out pictures and the video trailer here.

Public Enemies

“Public Enemies” Star Marion Cotillard

“Public Enemies” is an upcoming action thriller, directed by acclaimed filmmaker, Michael Mann. The movie is based on a true story, and will star Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Marion Cotillard.

Public Enemies Rundown

Depp will assume the role of John Dillinger, a renowned bank robber during the Great Depression. Dillinger is notorious for his flash speed while robbing banks, which makes him J. Edgar Hoover, and the FBI’s number one target.

Dillinger is relentless, no jail could contain him. His charm and daring jailbreaks win him the people’s favor as well as the affection of Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard). As the public was lacking sympathy for the banks that lead them into the great depression.

Dillinger and his gang’s adventures intrigued the masses, however Hoover (Billy Crudup) believed that the fugitives capture would publicly launch the Bureau of Investigation, which eventually became the FBI.

Christian Bale will play Melvin Purvis, the FBI’s top agent whose mission is to catch Dillinger at any cost. However the outlaw and his gang of bandits always seem to outwit Purvis and his men. They finally are able to close in on Dillinger, after Purvis brings in a crew of Western ex-lawmen.

With such an amazing cast and director, this film could be epic. “Public Enemies” opens July 1.

Marion Cotillard Biography

Marion Cotillard was born September 30, 1975 in Paris, France to Jean-Claude Cotillard and Niseema Theillaud. She was born into an acting family, and has two younger twin brothers. As a child she began to perform on stage, and as she progressed into her teens, landed roles in television and cinema.

Marion has starred in films such as My Sex Life… or How I Got Into an Argument, Taxi, Big Fish (2003), A Very Long Engagement, (2004), and Good Year. The French actress has also earned an Academy Award, a BAFTA, and a Cesar Award.

Concerned for the environment, Cotillard has served as a Greenpeace spokeswoman. She has also appeared in almost forty film and television productions since 1993.

Cotillard currently resides with French actor/director Guillaume Canet, who she co-starred with in the 2003 French film Love Me If You Dare.

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Public Enemies Cast Pictures

Public Enemies Video Trailer


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