Masami Kosaka: Breaking Dawn Actor

December 14, 2010
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Since the Twilight Saga is still months away from opening in theaters we figured now be be the perfect time to find out a little more on just who those vampire clan members are! Meet Masami Kosaka, a new Breaking Dawn Actor. Kosaka is set to play the role of Toshiro, the man who many have speculated will marry Edward and Bella. Get all the details here and see videos and photos of the actor below

Breaking Dawn Cast

Recently seen in The Runaways, actor Masami Kosaka will be reuniting with his former co-stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning on the set of Breaking Dawn. The actor starred with both the ladies in the coming-of-age biopic from director Floria Sigismondi.

Now Kosaka has joined Breaking Dawn part one where he will play the role of Toshiro. His character is said to be (per MTV) “the man to make Edward and Bella husband and wife. Who else would he be playing but Angela Weber’s father, Mr. Weber, who conducts the wedding ceremony at the beginning of the film.”

You can check out videos of Masami Kosaka here and get more below on where else you have seen the actor.

As a biography Masami Kosaka, made his debut in 2003’s Exorcism in a minor role. Although we do not know that much about the twenty something year old, Kosaka was recently seen in the movie The Runaways as a Japanese Journalist.

SO where else have you seen Masami? He has also starred in 2007’s Babel and the movie entitled 7-10 Split as the on-screen character Yamamoto. You may also recognize the actor from 2008’s Tales from the Dead, the movie Shutter and the short flick entitled Pit Fighters.

More recently the Breaking Dawn actor has appeared in The Marine 2, and When the Cobra Strikes. He is also attached to the 2011 film Saki and just wrapped up wok on the set of the 2010 movie Love Like Bullets where he will play Ken.

See videos of Masami Kosaka, below, with photos here, and check out photos of the cast.

Breaking Dawn Cast 1 1Breaking Dawn Cast 2Breaking Dawn Cast 3Breaking Dawn Cast 4Jodelle Ferland 1 1Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart 3 1
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Credit: Jody Cortes/Apega/WENN.COM


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