Monsters vs. Aliens Halloween Special

October 20, 2009
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NBC will be airing a spooky special entitled ‘Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer space.’ Get the details here surrounding the Monsters vs. Aliens Halloween special.

Monsters vs Aliens 1

In celebration of Halloween this year the NBC network has decided to bring the Monsters to the small screen as Susan Murphy and the gang take on Mutant Pumpkins attacking the residents of Modesto, California!

The pumpkins, all set out for Halloween, turn into aliens and it’s up to the Susan and the Monsters, now U.S. Government Operatives, to control the Outer space Mutants. The 30 minute show will air on October 28th at 8:30pm ET and is produced by Latifa Ouaou and directed by Peter Ramsey.

Featured in the Monsters vs. Aliens Halloween Special will be the voices of Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogan, House’s Hugh Laurie, Kiefer Sutherland and Rainn Wilson.

“This is a major coup for NBC to join together with the esteemed artists at DreamWorks Animation as we bring to life new holiday stories based on these popular and lovable characters,” said NBC programming president Angela Bromstad. “We are intent on providing original, family-friendly programs that reflect the quality that big-screen audiences have come to expect from these franchises.”

See video of the Monsters vs. Aliens below.

Monsters vs Aliens 2Monsters vs Aliens 3Monsters vs Aliens 4

Credit:Jun-Seop Yoon/WENN.COM

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