Myanna Buring Is Breaking Dawn’s Tanya (Videos, Photos)

November 29, 2010
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Myanna Buring Is Breaking Dawn’s Tanya! Get the scoop here on where you’ve seen Buring before her big break in the Twilight Saga. Plus see videos and photos of the actress after the jump.

Myanna Buring 2

Actress Myanna Buring has been cast in the role of Tanya who is the leader of the Denali Clan. Explored in Midnight Sun from Stephanie Myere, she also had a big crush on Edward Cullen! I can’t wait to see Buring opposite Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan! Will there be tension in Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon’s film adaption?

Although there is plenty of time until we finally get to see the book on the big screen, you always get more on Myanna Buring below and where you have seen her before! Plus stick around and see an awesome fan made trailer of the Breaking Dawn installment.

As a biography Myanna Buring, Breaking Dawn’s Tanya, was born on the 22nd of September in 1984. The twenty six year old star is of Swedish descent and stands at a petite 5’2”. Buring has been acting professionally since 2004 when she made her first appearance behind the camera in Murder Prevention as the on screen character Michelle Wynee.

Myanna Buring’s other movie roles and television stints since have land the actress in the TV show Casualty, the popular series Doctor Who and The Omen. To date the blonde starlet has also landed roles in The Bill, Red Mist, Credo, City Rats, in the role of Sammy and is most notable or her stint in The Decent Part 2 where she played the character Sam.

More recently Myanna has played Inga in the Comedy Lab, Adriana Doyle in Inspector George Gently and starred in a guest role on Witchville as well as Super Eruption.

Aside from her attachment to the much anticipated Breaking dawn two part movie, Burring is also attached to the movie entitled Vengeance where she will star as Maria. The film just wrapped up production and will be released sometime this year per IMDb.

See videos and photos of Myanna Buring Breaking Dawn’s Tanya below and see one awesome fan made Breaking Dawn trailer! You can also read an interview with Buring here.

Myanna Buring 3Myanna Buring 1
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