New Super 8 Movie Trailer (Video)

March 11, 2011
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It’s been a while since we had a new mysterious J.J. Abrams movie to mess with our heads, and after almost a year of teasing, we finally have a full trailer for Super 8! Are you buying into the hype?

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J.J. Abrams is known for getting involved in movies with weird, sci-fi plots and his projects often revolve around intense, confusing, and extremely elaborate viral marketing campaigns. His newest flick, Super 8, is no exception.

For almost a year now the viral marketing team behind this movie has been sparking the imagination of the masses. Much like Cloverfield, marketing for this film began before the majority of the filming had even begun, and before they even had a full cast! By releasing some teasers and some interesting web sites, they have once again managed to build anticipation for a movie that hadn’t even been made yet.

The first teaser, which had no actual cast, led observant viewers to a viral site ( that is periodically updated and takes some sleuthing to get any kind of information out of. In another teaser during the Super Bowl, embedded images lead curious followers to yet another site ( for even more non-answers about the film.

But today they finally released a full trailer for Super 8 (on Twitter – how Charlie Sheen of them), answering some questions and raising new ones. Basically, the plot for the movie is about a boy (who we don’t know much about) and his friends who are making a home movie in 1979. During filming, they witness a disastrous and mysterious train wreck (the cargo of which is also unknown), and their sleepy Ohio town becomes the epicenter of a weird government cover-up. The kids know more than they let on (even in the trailer), some dogs (ok, a lot of dogs) run away, some people go missing, and it’s heavily implied there’s some aliens involved. And that’s it.

What also makes this film so intriguing is Stephen Spielberg’s involvement as producer. Whether you like them or not, J.J. Abrams movies do awaken the brain and lead to pretty large opening night numbers for movies goers sucked into the viral scavenger hunt, but throw Stephen Spielberg in there and eyebrows start to get raised even more.

Early interpretations of hidden images (a quick YouTube search will provide a ton of videos “decoding” the teasers) have led some to believe that this movie will be nothing more than a highly hyped “E.T. 2”.

J.J. Abrams has a hit or miss record when it comes to his movies living up to the hype (and it depends on who you talk to for which side of the fence he falls on), but Stephen Spielberg has a pretty solid track record, and his involvement doesn’t necessarily mean we will see E.T. popping out of a shed. The similarities are there (and connections to many other Spielberg flicks can also be made), and if the internet had been around when E.T. was released I’m sure it could have had a similar viral campaign, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s more original than that.

The movie won’t be released for another three months (June 10 to be exact) so we will just have to wait and see what this movie is all about!

What do you guys think of the Super 8 movie trailer? In case you haven’t seen it (or the teaser trailers) we have them for you right here! Take a peek and then leave us some comments letting us know what you think!

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