Oksana is Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend?

September 1, 2008
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Oksana is a beautiful, Russian musician who is reportedly spending a lot of time with Mel Gibson on the set of his new movie “Edge of Darkness.” Gibson’s spokesman denies any kind of romantic relationship exists.

Mel Gibson

Oksana is Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend?

The Daily Mail says Women’s Day out of Australia claims the pair have been seen together a lot, including spending time in his private trailer.

“The publication cited numerous occasions when the pair had been seen together in Gibson’s trailer, claiming that tongues were wagging about the pair’s relationship on the set.”

Gibson has been married for 28 years and contends his relationship with Oksana is strictly business. I’m sure he doesn’t mind spending time with her though. She is beautiful. Check out pictures here.

She is ‘one of the artists on Mel’s recording label Icon and is currently in the US recording a new album. She’s a musician.’

Mel has done a good job of staying out of the spotlight after his pr nightmares of late. Hopefully, for Gibson, this situation will garner less attention. As for Edge of Darkness, there is no release date set, but audiences have got to be excited to see Gibson and De Niro on the big screen together.

You can see more pictures and video of Mel below.

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Mel Gibson Photos

Mel Gibson Video

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