Peter Stebbings: Defendor Actor

July 5, 2010
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Peter Stebbings, Defendor actor, and director has been cast in Tarsem Singh’s action picture Immortals. Get the details here on the movie and Stebbing’s upcoming projects. Videos and photos of the Vancouver performer after the jump.

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Actor Peter Stebbings is scheduled to portray the Greek God, Helios, God of the sun, in Immortals alongside Kellan Lutz in the role of Poseidon, Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion, Freida Pinto as Phaedra, Henry Cavill as the main character Theseus, John Hurt and many more.

Immortals is the story from writers Charley Parlapanides and Vlas Parlapanides that follows “a purported bastard who retains an allegiance to his mother despite the fact that he longs to join the quest of a king who is battling demons in ancient Greece later embarks on a grail of discovery that has him finding he is the king’s son and also fated to become his country’s greatest hero as he leads the successful war against long-imprisoned Titans who are hoping to use the demons to restore their power.”

Immortals is due in theaters on November 11th of 2011. In the meantime get more on Stebbings below..

As a biography Peter Stebbings, Defendor actor, was born on February 28th of the year 1971 in Vancouver, Canada. By the age of twelve years old Stebbings was acting in the Vancouver Youth Theater School, later enrolling in New York’s Circle in the Square Theater School.

Since his professional debut on screen in the a 1998 episode of the TV series The Beachcombers as the character Cassidy, Stebbings has gone on to star on both the small and big screen.

Where you’ve seen him..

Peter has made dozens of guest appearances the cop drama 21 Jump Street, Neon Rider, Madison, Cobra, Street Justice, the long running X Files series and Mutant X. He was also a recurring character in the TV Series Traders from 1997-2000 as Paul Deeds as well as Harley McPherson of the series Rabbitt Hill.

When it comes to movies the Vancouver actor has played a minor role in Defendor, the movie entitled Pigeon, Love and Justice, No Alibi and Rudy Blue. More recently Stebbings has starred in Carsh and Burn, for a total of seven episodes as the character Lionel and Murdoch Mysteries as Jamie Pendrick.

Up next you can see Peter Stebbings in the movie Immortals as the above mentioned character Hellos.

See videos and photos of Peter Stebbings, Defendor actor, below.

Peter Stebbings 2

Credit: Noam Nitzart/WENN.COM


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