Rebecca Marshall: Saw Actress

October 31, 2010
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Check out Rebecca Marshall, saw actress, who is set to appear in the horror flick coming to theaters October 29th! Find out about the actress’ role here and see videos and photos of Rebecca Marshall after the jump with the movie trailer.

Saw Cast 1

Actress Rebecca Marshall is part of the upcoming ‘Saw 3D’ flick from director Kevin Greutert. Marshall is scheduled to appear in the role of Suzanne. Well we’re not sure how Suzanne plays into the storyline, but where pretty sure in Saw style that she will be meeting a quick demise! Get more on the actress below with photos, plus check out pics of the returning Saw cast as well!

Marshall is set to appear in the latest installment alongside actors Tobin Bell, Betsy Russell, Dean Armstrong and Costas Mandylor.

“It’s not that Suzanne is some despicable human being. She simply has no regard for anyone else except herself here. That is nothing like me,” says Marshall.

Saw 3D hits theaters on October 29th just days before Halloween! In the meantime get more on Rebecca Marshall below.

As a biography Rebecca Marshall, Saw actress, (see photos here) was born Rebecca Barbara Ann Marshall in Ontario, Canada. Marshall is a former model before she has attended both the Actors Studio and Ryerson University before landing regular roles as an actor.

So where have you seen the green eyed, 5’8” actress, before? She has appeared in several roles on the small screen and movies. You may have seen here in Big Shots, The West Wing, the short film entitled Escape and the 2004 movie Knuckle Sandwich.

Marshall has also starred in the movie ’21’ with Kevin Spacey, the TV series Sharks in a guest stint and just recently in the Starz series from Rob Thomas titled Party Down, and CBS’s Threshold as the on screen character Emily Biggs.

Read a recent interview on Marshall talking about Saw 3D here.

See photos of Rebecca Marshall. Saw actress, here and check out the cast of Saw VII below with the movie trailer.

Saw Cast 2Saw Cast 3Saw Cast 4
clcik on the pics above of Betsy Russell, Tobin Bell and Costas Mandylor to enlarge the view

Credit: Apega/Jody Cortes/WENN.COM


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