Rihanna In The Last Dragon Remake

February 17, 2010
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Songstress Rihanna is said to be part of the The Last Dragon remake. Get details on Rihanna’s part in the movie, why she could be visiting an S&M dungeon and more below! Video and photos to follow.

Rihanna 3

Rihanna is reportedly scheduled to suit up as a sexy dominatrix in The Last Dragon remake! The martial arts flick will also feature actor Samuel L Jackson.

Previously seen four years ago in the movie Bring It On: All or Nothing, this marks Rihanna’s second role in a big production. An unknown source has stated that the singer “has landed an incredibly challenging role alongside Samuel L Jackson. But it’s not for the faint-hearted. She will play a super sexy, super kinky dominatrix in the martial arts flick The Last Dragon.” She has also reportedly been “told to research the part — and this could well include a trip to an S&M dungeon.” Well, what do you think about that?!

The Last Dragon remake is based on the 1985 movie from Barry Gordon. This latest edition of the movie is said to revolve around villian Sho’ Nuff, “who squares off against a young martial arts student infatuated with Bruce Lee. Timed to coincide with Motown’s 50th anniversary, the remake is headed up by Kerry Gordy.”

Last year when Wu-Tang’s RZA was interviewed he stated that Dallas Jackson would be in charge of penning the script. He also went on to say that “he knows a lot about hip hop, martial arts films and black culture.” Apparently he’s the man for the job. No word yet on when production will begin or when the movie will be released. We’ll keep you posted!

Tell us, what do you think of Rihanna in The Last Dragon Remake?

See video of Rihanna and The Last Dragon below with photos.

Rihanna 2Rihanna 1Rihanna 4

Photos: www.wenn.com
Credit: Jeff Daly/WENN.COM

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9 Responses to “Rihanna In The Last Dragon Remake”

  1. 1
    Greg Says:

    We want Timak

  2. 2
    Wilson Says:

    This is great! But Taimak should definitely needs to be in this.

  3. 3
    Cyril Smith Says:

    Rihanna is simply a very stunning singer. She also looks like a model.

  4. 4
    DDBROWN Says:

    It’s Berry Gordy, who made the movie, not Barry Gordon or Kerry Gordy, Berry Gordy, and I am extremely happy that Rihanna got the part, I love the movie, they better not mess up the remake!

  5. 5
    originalfan Says:

    Taimak is the only choice. His charm was undeniable in the financial success of this movie. He also remains to this day in unbelievably great shape. Both he and fans of the movie deserve to see him back.

  6. 6
    cybrdestroyr Says:

    Actually DDBROWN it IS “Kerry Gordy”, the son of music mogul, Berry Gordy, who wanted to remake the original. Read some INTERWEBS before you try to “troll pwn” some movie fans trying to enjoy a discussion about a great movie.

    Oh and my vote for who should play “SHO’NUFF”?
    Charlie Murphy! Watch the trailer before you boo me or laugh it off. If they could get him to learn some martial arts enough to pull it off, he would be perfect!

  7. 7
    wendy Says:

    i say yer gonna “f” it up!!! some movies should not be remade…plus with rihanna??????? come on people!!!! why u always gotta mess sh*t up!!! leave a well loved classic movie alone!!! rihanna will “never” “never” “never” compare to vanity!! its already messed up without even being released…. what a joke! god, i hate show-biz sometimes….they never know when to leave well enough alone…how depressing :-(
    “Vanity helpppppppppp”

  8. 8
    hood-boy Says:

    Yo wendy, u took the words right out of me and my friends mouth hahaha! i agree completely. nothing else for me to say cuz u summed it up babygirl. well spoken.

  9. 9
    darknlovely Says:

    so it is unfortunately true, they are actually going to remake this movie. im extremely disappointed about this. the last dragon is my all time favorite movie and i personally think they will not be able to capture the same effect with the remake like they did with the original. wendy & hood-boy i feel you. glad i am not the only one who sees it this way.