Robert Pattinson Body Double Fools Women Stalkers Everywhere

December 29, 2010
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Twilight star Robert Pattinson is reportedly considering using a body double to fool women stalkers everywhere! Get the story here surrounding Pattinson’s body double with videos and photos of the Breaking Dawn actor after the jump.

Robert Pattinson 6

Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen in the popular saga, has a serious issue with crazy fans these days. So if you find yourself in the possible company of the in demand movie star, you may have to check again! It could be Robert Pattinson’s body double! That’s right the heart throb has hired, or is in the process of hiring a body double to fool women stalkers everywhere after one “overzealous group of female fans” has become a little out of hand!

Per The Daily Telegraph, and several other sources:

“Robert is constantly inundated with fan mail but one group of four girls have been targeting him repeatedly, telling him they want to do rude, saucy things to him. One girl from Japan has started turning up wherever he is.”

In an attempt to avoid these strange and creepy situations, Robert Pattinson has decided to employ the help of a body double to fool those seriously scary women stalkers from around the globe who are apparently telling the Twilight actor what they want to do to him – X Rated style! Out and about with his on screen and off screen love Kristen Stewart, it has to be irritating to constantly be followed by female fans who are all dying to talk to Pattinson.

“Robert thinks there’s only one thing for it and that is to increase his security and use a body double. It may seem a bit extreme but at least he can now be in two countries at once and spend some quality time with Kristen.”

I see a few court ordered restraining orders in this celeb’s future! Do you think using a decoy to ward off fans is the way to go? Give us your thoughts on Robert Pattinson’s body double in the works as a way to fool women stalkers everywhere!

In other news, Pattinson is currently busy on the set of Breaking Dawn, filming both part one and part two of the saga’s conclusion. He is said to be traveling to Vancouver shortly to complete the movie from director Bill Condon.

See videos and photos of Robert Pattinson and another double the actor has..his stunt double! Watch the clip below.

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