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Rumer Willis Chord Overstreet Dating?

October 10, 2010
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Rumer Willis Chord Overstreet Dating? She just split up with her former boyfriend Micah Alberti, but that doesnt seem to be bothering Willis who has been spotted kissing the Glee star! Get the rest of the scoop here with videos and photos of the possible new couple below!

Rumer Willis 1Chord Overstreet 1

Rumer Willis & Chord Overstreet dating? That seems to be the case after the two were seen holding hands and kissing this past weekend at “An Evening Affair,” an event held at the Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s home. Check out the pics of the happy couple below.

Back to the news of Rumer Willis Chord Overstreet Dating in just a minute..

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Now back to Rumer Willis and Chord Overstreet dating..

After breaking up with her boyfriend Micah Alberti of two years and then partying in Vegas, it looks like actress Rumer Willis is getting along just fine..that is with Glee’s Chord Overstreet! Seen out this past weekend one source stated that the pair seemed to be having fun:

“Chord was flirtatious with Rumer,” a source stated. “They had a 
lot of fun.”

You can check out the pics here of the two love birds getting close. And be sure to tell us what you think about Rumer Willis & Chord Overstreet dating? Leave us your comments below!

See videos and photos of actress Rumer Willis and Chord Overstreet below.

Chord Overstreet 2Rumer Willis 2
Click on the pics of Willis and Overstreet above to enlarge the view

Photos: www.wenn.com
Credit: Judy Eddy/Nikki Nelson/AdMedia/WENN.COM

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