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September 2, 2010
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Have you heard about a possible Neil Gaiman Sandman TV series in the works?! And reportedly Eric Kripke, the brains behind CW’s Supernatural could be taking on the project! Get all the details here on Neil Gaiman’s possible comic book making it to the small screen with videos and photos after the jump.

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I guess it was only a matter of time before I was going to eventually eat my own words. A couple weeks back we got the terrific news that Steven Spielberg was working on bringing Joe Hill’s Locke and Key to TV land, one of the few comics adapted to the small screen I would even think of checking out because of Spielberg, but now comes news regarding a possible Sandman TV series has hit the web!

As announced by The Hollywood Reporter, an unknown writer and producer is apparently working with DC Entertainment on the rights, and with hopes that Eric Kripke will helm the project and as well as Sandman Neil Gaiman, who is supposedly jumping on board at some point. And when he does this should be good because the Sandman creator himself did say at one time, a movie or tv adaption that doesn’t do his work justice isn’t worth doing at all.

“Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman was launched in 1989. This extremely popular series was bound into ten collections. Following Dream of the Endless, also known as Morpheus, Onieros and many other names, we explore a magical world filled with stories both horrific and beautiful.

What do you need to know to enjoy the series? Only that there are seven brothers and sisters who have been since the beginning of time, the Endless. They are Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Delirium who was once Delight, and Destruction who turned his back on his duties.”

Kripke in my eyes is the best man to bring the Sandman TV series to the small screen. Look what he has done with Supernatural, which by the way if you’re not watching you should really check out. It’s one of the few TV series that has managed to sustain its quality season after season, and just keeps getting better in terms of storyline! Unfortunately though Kripke is reportedly squeamish about taking on such a project with such loyal fans that will most likely be difficult to please.

All this talk about a possible Sandman TV series is still contingent upon trying to adapt such an intense story for TV. Let’s just hope this works out because I would love to see this come to the small screen!

Tell us what you think Supernatural and Sandman fans about a possible Sandman TV series? Would you watch it? Let us know. Plus check out photos of Neil Gaiman below as well as videos of Eric Kripke’s work on Supernatural.

Neil Gaiman 2Neil Gaiman 3Neil Gaiman 4
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Take a look at what Gaiman had to say in this video in regards to Sandman.

Creator Erik Kripke on Supernatural


Credit: Nikki Nelson/Jody Cortes/WENN.COM

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