Seth Campbell: Mary Kate Olsen’s Boyfriend

February 22, 2011
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Shoe designer Seth Campbell is Mary Kate Olsen’s boyfriend according to several new reports! Get the details behind Campbell here and check out videos and photos of Mary Kate after the fold.

Mary Kate Olsen 1

Actress turned designer Mary Kate Olsen has been seen out and about all over New York City, hitting the hot spots with a new man, and not just anyone. According to several sources Seth Campbell, a young and trendy sneaker designer, is Olsen’s boyfriend, and things appear to be getting heavy between the pair, although some claim they’re just having fun!

Although “their relationship is fairly new,” a friend of the couple’s stated, they have been spending a lot of time together to see where things go. Recently seen at a friend’s birthday party getting very close, Olsen and Campbell’s relationship is now on the radar after “a few dates on the down low,” and a night out to celebrate her younger sister Elizabeth’s twenty second birthday at The Jane hotel.

Not much is known when it comes to Seth Campbell. A twenty something owner of his own designing company with sandy blonde hair and a thin build, Campbell isn’t in the spotlight as much as his company or the child star, so how will all of this go? No one knows for sure, the new couple is rumored to be taking it slow.

Previously the Full House twin was linked to Nate Lowman and the late Heath Ledger. When it comes to Seth Campbell, rumored to be Mary Kate Olsen’s boyfriend, little is known who the designer has dated in the past. You can check out pics of the new couple here and tell us what you think below. Do they look like a good couple?

See videos and photos of Olsen below.

Mary Kate Olsen 2Mary Kate Olsen 3Mary Kate Olsen 4
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Credit: Ivan Nikolov/Patricia Schlein/Flashpoint/WENN.COM

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