“Soul Men” The Movie

August 10, 2008
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The movie “Soul Men” is about soul-singing legends who reunite 20 years after the death of their band leader. The movie will now take a whole new meaning as both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, who have recently passed, are in the film.

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“Soul Men” The Movie

The film takes on a whole new meaning after the events that occurred over the weekend. The entertainment world lost two legends.

Bernie Mac passed away on Saturday after a battle with pneumonia. Mac was well liked and respected, not only in the entertainment world, but also in his hometown of Chicago.

“He made it big, but it didn’t seem to go to his head. He could have lived anywhere in the world. But he stayed close to where he came from.”

A day later, music legend Isaac Hayes was found dead in his home. He was reportedly laying by a treadmill in his basement that was still running leading people to believe he was working out. Hayes was said to have previously suffered from a mild stroke and had high blood pressure. The music world, in particular the Soulsville Foundation, is mourning his loss.

“The Soulsville Foundation, which operates the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, Stax Music Academy, and The Soulsville Charter School, is so deeply saddened by the passing of Isaac Hayes that we are in state of shock. Isaac is one of the most beloved members of the Stax family and we all cherish him. He will be missed not only by us, but also by the entire world and the millions of people who love him as much as we do.”

Hopefully, “Soul Men” will serve as a wonderful, last tribute to Mac and Hayes. The film is set to release November 14th. You can see live footage of the movie being filmed on the streets of Memphis and photos of the two men below.

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Soul Men Photos

Soul Men Video

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