Spider Man Broadway Musical Reviews (Videos, Photos)

November 29, 2010
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The Spider Man Broadway Musical reviews aren’t looking to good after a shaky Sunday performance! Spider Man: Turn off the Dark ran into a multitude of technical difficulties during the performance. Get the details here, read the reviews and see videos and photos of the cast after the jump.

Spiderman Broadway Musical Cast 1

When it rains it pours! The Spider Man Broadway Musical from director Julie Taymor and U2’s Bono and the Edge have received bad reviews even though the show doesn’t officially open until this January. Apparently actors of the Spidy production were left dangling in the air, stopping the musical midstream more than an estimated five times.

Peter Parker, played by actor Reeve Carney, was said to be trapped in an ariel harness for sometime and was also stopped by the crew midair before flying into a balcony! The New York Times Spider Man Broadway Musical reviews also revealed that the show ran three hours because of all of the trouble on the Spidey set.

Talking about the Broadway production just recently, U2’s Bono called the musical difficult, stating that Spider Man: Turn off the Dark was “harder than we ever thought.” The singer also said “dreaming up the show, the scale of it, the flying sequence, the pop art opera that it is – that was all pure joy. What we didn’t realize was how difficult it is to stage this stuff, both technically and financially.”

Starring Natalie Mendoza and Reeve Carney, Spider Man: Turn off the dark, a reported $65 million production, officially opens in January 2011. Have you seen the musical yet? If so, we want to hear what you have to say. Give us your own personal Spider Man Broadway Musical Reviews below! Plus check out more reviews here and here.

Check out photos of Spider Man Broadway Musical actor Reeve Carney and see videos below.

Spiderman Broadway Musical Cast 2Spiderman Broadway Musical Cast 3Spiderman Broadway Musical Cast 4
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Credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.COM

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One Response to “Spider Man Broadway Musical Reviews (Videos, Photos)”

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    Bill Gabriel Says:

    Spider-Man the Musical Review: Ok, Most times I can ignore what critics say about things but this time they are right, Spider-Man the Musical will be the biggest flop ever. U2 made Unforgettable Fire, well here their music is totally forgettable which is the kiss of death for a musical.I was sitting in the front row and I still couldn’t make out what the actors were singing.There was not one real show stopper, applause was polite at best after each song. The actors voices were weak and unless they had speakers in the back of the theater, I’m sure no one heard their voices either. Spidey and foes swinging and flying all around the theater was cool and had us grinning. Only one technical snafu which lasted around five minutes, gave the actor playing Spider-Man time on stage time to goof off to lots of laughs.What hurt the show the most was the introduction of the character Arachne. So much of the show revolved around her to no purpose that made sense, she dragged down the show with every scene she was in, which were quite a few. On the plus side, the sets and effects were great. Julie Taymor use of puppets, masks and video were what you expect from her, inventive and surreal. A Broadway Musical needs to build to a rousing finale, but this one ended with a thunk, and when the actors came out for their bows it hurt to see no one stand right away and clap. The best I can say is, ” Ah, they tried”. So if you are looking for fun on Broadway my advice is see Pee Wee’s Playhouse.