Spike TV Scream Awards 2010 Winners (Videos, Photos)

October 17, 2010
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We have the Spike TV Scream Awards 2010 winners! Find out who showed up to attend the star studded event at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Get the details here on who went home a winner, plus check out photos and videos of stars like Twilight’s Nikki Reed, Gossip Girls Blake Lively, a surprising David Arquette, Michael J. Fox, Tracy Pollan and more, who attended the Spike TV Event!

Spike TV Scream Awards Blake Lively 1Spike TV Scream Awards Nikki Reed 1

The Spike TV Scream Awards 2010 proved to be a successful event filled with fan favorites like Kristen Stewart, Bill Murray, the True Blood duo, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Find out who the Scream Awards 2010 winners are below and catch all the buzz surrounding David Arquette’s surprising appearance, why Kelly Osbourne was the talk of the show and more!

Back to the Spike TV Scream Awards 2010 Winners (Videos, Photos) in just a minute, first get all the buzz surrounding the huge event!

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Now back to the Spike TV Scream Awards 2010 Winners list!

So who were some of the award winners, and who was the talk of the show? Kelly Osbourne stunned everybody with her skinny little physique, while Blake Lively donned a see through top! Also part of the event was the very surprising arrival of David Arquette. After a long week making media headlines with his split from Courteney Cox, the Scream actor was said to have looked out of it and confused.

Also in attendance, and winner of the the Spike Scream Awards 2010 Best Actress, was none other then brunette Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson was also at the annual event to take home the award for Best Actor in a Fantasy Movie or TV Show for Eclipse. Did he show up hand and hand with Kristen Stewart? Who knows, but the duo did win the The Ultimate Scream award for the ever popular Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Maintainingg their winning streak, the Breakout Male Performance was handed to actor Xavier Samuel.

Best Horror Movie went to Bill Murray for Zombieland, while veteran actress Sigourney Weaver was applauded for Best Heroine! Among others noticed for their work at the Spike TV event was Michael J. Fox and Christopher Loyd who won the 25th Anniversary Award.

What did you think of the Scream Awards 2010 Winners? Did your favorite actors take the cake or what? Drop us a line below and let us know what you think?

See videos and photos of the Spike TV Scream Award attendees below

Anna Paquin Stephen MoyerSarah Silverman 1David Arquette 1Spike TV Scream Awards Kelly Osbourne 1Spike TV Scream Awards Michael J Fox Tracy Pollan 1
click on the pics above to enlarge the view of stars like David Arquette, Kelly Osbourne with long blonde hair, True Blood’s Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, plus more!

Photos: www.wenn.com
Credit: Jody Cortes/WENN.COM


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5 Responses to “Spike TV Scream Awards 2010 Winners (Videos, Photos)”

  1. 1
    Trixie Says:

    Another Twilight borefest. No thanks

  2. 2
    Sean Says:

    So how Twilight managed to beat out the better movies is beyond me. Oh wait, that’s right, the voters were all the pre-pubescent teenie boppers. Seriously, these events are a joke these days. They don’t rate movies on their merit anymore. The better movies are shunted aside for crap. This is why I don’t watch the Awards anymore. I’ll check the winners online, shake my head at the undeserving winners and move on to doing something productive. Way to FAIL SPIKE TV. TV for Men my ass.

  3. 3
    ana Says:

    GO TWILIGHT. I love that my favorite movies have won a lot of awards y vote everyday

  4. 4
    trubie Says:

    i’m so sick of twilight,kristen stewart the girl can’t act the chick from vampires suck would have made a better bella then her anyways i’m wanting to throw up in my mouth right now!

  5. 5
    Water Damage Mission viejo Says:

    I cannot wait to learn to read more of this fantastic topic. So much of it Ive never even contemplated. You sure did put a good solid twist on something that Ive heard a lot about. I dont believe Ive actually read whatever does this subject nearly as good justice as you solely did.