The Last Seven Movie Trailer (Video)

September 10, 2010
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If you’re into post Apocalyptic sci-fi movies – here’s one for you. Check out the Last Seven movie trailer video here with details on the flick. Videos and photos after the jump of stars Danny Dyer and Tamar Hassan.

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We almost missed this straight to DVD released sci-fi flick helmed by first time director Imran Naqvi. The Last Seven movie Trailer Video has been released and centers on the few remaining humans on Earth. A thriller, we caught wind of this possible diamond in the rough via FirstShowing.Com.

Here’s the tagline: “London Population: 7 million. Until Today.” The movie features a cast line up of actors Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Daisy Head, Sebastian Street, John Mawson, Rita Ramnami and Danny Dyer. Written by John Stanley, The Last Seven was just released in the UK this past August. Here’s the official movie synopsis:

“A watch stops. A man awakes. He remembers nothing. And London is completely deserted. Starring Tamer Hassan, Danny Dyer and Simon Phillips – London’s last survivors must fight to stay alive as events become increasingly more dangerous and disturbing, whilst trying to piece together their memories of a cataclysmic event on an epic scale. Struggling to make sense of an impossible situation and stay alive against all the odds, this is the mission of the last seven.”

Reviewed by BeyondHollywood.Com, the web site stated that “The Last Seven, like most films of its kind, has essentially two things going for it: the beginning, which explains the set-up to a willing audience, and the Big Reveal at the end, when the audience gets its payoff for sticking around.”

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think? Does it have potential? Leave us a comment.

Watch the The Last Seven movie Trailer Video below and check out photos of actors Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan.

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Credit: Vince Maher/Zac Husseinn/WENN.COM

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