The Town Movie Reviews

September 12, 2010
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The Town Movie Reviews are in! Due to hit theaters on September 17th, get the details surrounding Ben Affleck’s latest movie with videos and photos of The Town cast after the jump.

The Town 2

Recently screened at the Toronto Film Festival, ‘The Town’ Movie Reviews have been released early. Based on the novel Prince of Thieves, the flick was directed by Affleck himself, who also penned the screenplay, and appears in the movie alongside Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall and Gossip Girls’ Blake Lively. And yes their Boston accents even sound decent!

First things first, the plot:

“Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) was born and raised in Charlestown, a blue-collar neighborhood in Boston, where crime is a part of life. Charlestown is the world’s capital for carjacking, kidnappings, and armed robberies. The tricks of the criminal trade are passed down from father to son. Doug is the brains and ruthless leader of a gang of bank robbers who have been able to get out clean after each bank robbery. But Doug knows that his luck will not last forever, and he is looking for one last big heist that will give him the chance to leave the town in his rear-view mirror.”

Sounds good right? From writers Peter Craig, Ben Affleck and Aaron Stockard, let’s see how Affleck’s second run as a director turned out! Will it be as good as Gone Baby Gone?

Check out The Town Movie Reviews below….


had decent feedback with their Town review. Here’s what the reliable site had to say about the cast and the storyline:

The Good – Let’s start with the positives first. Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm were the highlights, both of them did fantastic jobs in their roles, but that wasn’t too surprising considering both of them are already two of the best actors currently working and they lived up to that acclaim.

The Bad – My biggest issue with The Town is that it felt like a Hollywood story without any polish, without any depth, and without any of the truly fascinating moral questions that Gone Baby Gone brings up. Affleck plays this supposedly brilliant “prince of thieves” who comes up with insanely elaborate criminal schemes, but how, or why – we don’t ever find out.

Another favorite site on my tour of reviews, the always interesting Slashfilm.Com rang in with their thoughts on the Boston based crime thriller:

“I think I might prefer this film to Affleck’s feature directorial debut Gone Baby Gone. The two films are likely to draw many comparisons as they both feature snapshots of small Boston neighborhoods. But they are almost completely different in every way. While Gone Baby Gone is an indie mystery thriller, The Town is more of a mainstream popcorn movie. If you know this going in, you’ll be a lot better off.”

Last on the list of early The Town Movie Reviews, Variety.Com appeared to be pretty taken with Affleck’s film adaption of the Chuck Hogan penned novel:

“The behind-the-camera talent Ben Affleck displayed so bracingly in “Gone Baby Gone” is confirmed, if not significantly advanced, in “The Town.” Again proving a fine director of actors (this time with himself in a starring role), Affleck delivers another potent, serious-minded slice of pulp set on Boston’s meanest streets, where loyalty among thieves runs thicker than blood.”

Will you be checking out The Town when it arrives in theaters on September 17th? Let us know below.

See videos and photos of The Town cast and Ben affleck below with the official trailer.

Ben Affleck 1 1The Town 1Ben Affleck 2 1

Credit: Dominic Chan/News Pictures/WENN.COM

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