Welcome To The Rileys Movie Trailer (Video)

July 9, 2010
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Welcome to the Rileys Movie Trailer Video has been released in lieu of the Sundance flick’s November 5th 2010 release. The Jake Scott directed picture features Soprano’s actor James Gandolfini as a distraught husband who finds hope (temporarily) in a prostitute played by Twilight’s Kristen Stewart. Also on board is actress Melissa Leo. Check it out for yourself with videos and photos to follow after the jump.

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Can a prostitute really save a miserable and failing marriage? Penned by Kevin Hixon, who is responsible for the movies Inventing the Abbotts and City by the Sea, Welcome to the Rileys showcases Gandolfini and actress Melissa Leo as an unhappy married couple whose union is somewhat revived after Gandolfini’s character moves in with Kristen Stewart, a street walker. Weird?

And it gets even stranger. Most of the appeal for me is Stewart stepping out of her normal acting realm to play a character such as this. We’ve seen Gandolfini in a role similar to this before but the appeal of course is still there – mainly due to his acting skills. Also part of the cast line up is actors Tiffany Coty, Lance E. Nichols, David Jensen, Greg Di Leo, Russell Steinberg and Eisa Davis.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Doug Riley and his wife Lois have been living a half life since their daughter Emily was killed eight years ago. Doug has coped by having an affair with Vivian, a waitress. Lois has struggled, harboring a secret and devastating sense of guilt for her daughters death. She has withdrawn into herself and hides away from the outside world, relying on hairdressers who make house calls, her sister, Harriet, and the local pastor.”

All in all, the sneak peek does look promising. Watch the Welcome to the Rileys Movie Trailer Video below and tell us what you think? The drama comes out in select theaters on November 5th of 2010.

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