X-Men Origins: Wolverine Video Game Trailer

April 14, 2009
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The X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game trailer has finally been released. See the trailer, and pictures here.

X Men Origins Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an upcoming superhero movie that will star Hugh Jackman, as Wolverine. The film was directed by Gavin Hood, and is a prequel to the X-Men trilogy. It will revolve around the life of Marvel comic book character Wolverine, before banding together with Team X. The focus point of the film will be Wolverine’s first encounters with Willaim Stryker and his brutal past.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game will be based off of the soon to be released film. Activision will make the game available for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Sony PSP, and Nintendo DS on May 1st.

The game was developed with award-winning studio Raven Software, making it a more realistic game play experience. From Wolverines tormented beginnings, to his escape from the weapon X facility, out into African jungles, and beyond.

When asked by uncaged.com, “what do you think fans will love most about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game?” Environmental artists for the game Andy Dohr and Justin Dinges said

If you’re looking for censorship and party hats, this is the wrong place. Wolverine fans will appreciate how his character is handled. Wolverine is mature, complex; we don’t resort to ham-fisted, goofy, or profane dialogue to progress the plot. Action game fans will absolutely adore the combat that the team has put together; it’s very fast-paced, very responsive to player input, and incredibly varied in the amount of moves and animations Wolverine has to dispatch of his enemies. The combat really has to be seen to be believed.

X Men Origins Wolverine 1

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Video Game Trailer

Photos: Wenn.com

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