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August 9, 2010
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Producer Shonda Rhimes of Grey’s Anatomy fame cast Friday Night Light star Zach Gilford in Off The Map. Get the details her on Gilford’s role in the midseason medical drama with photos and videos to follow.

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After moving on to college, a last minute decision mind you, Friday Night Lights actor Matt Saracen has fallen off the map, but don’t worry producer Shonda Rhimes has nabbed the star for her own primetime medical drama due out this year. The series takes place in a medical clinic in South America. Aside from Zach Gilford in Off The Map, actress Rachelle Lefevre of Twilight fame is also on board.

Previously have worked with Rhimes before as a guest star on Grey’s Anatomy, Zach Gilford will play “an all American frat boy turned plastic surgeon.” What a switch from his previous stint as Matt on FNL. Here’s what Gilford had to say about his new role:

Shonda Rhimes “told me she loves FNL, but wants to distance me from that role as much as possible. That excited me.”

It’s going to be interesting to watch Gilford portray such an opposite character from his alter ego on the Direct TV series. Tell us what you think FNL fans, about Zach Gilford In Off the Map? Leave your comments below.

Aside from his role on FNL, where he will appear in four episodes before the series ends, and the new medical drama, Gilford has previously been seen in the 2010 movie The River Why as the character Gus. The Illinois native is also involved in several forthcoming movies and television series. From thhe movie Super as Jerry to the 2010 Matadors, Gilford is also set to appear in Answers to Nothing as Evan.

See videos and photos of Friday Night Lights alumni Zach Gilford below.

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